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THIS PLACE DOESN'T DESERVE ANY STARS.. This is one of the shadiest companies I have ever dealt with...

they are a disgrace and are experts of hiding and adding fees along with rushing you and not explaining... that's how they seem to be able to get away with overcharging... Customer service is HORRIBLE.. you deal with person after person after person and each one of them lie and ***..

I'm told pretty much too bad so sad because they have our signature... charging for tinted windows that was on the car already is just one item I came to discover we were charged for and I was told "oh we do that on all cars" BUYER BEWARE!!!! At the end of the day my 19 year old was over charged almost 1800.00 and because he signed papers on his first vehicle purchase we are out of luck and screwed... if you have money to blow and enjoy being conned and lied to then I suggest buying a car from this place...


in reading other reviews I wish I would have listened and didn't think "oh this won't happen to us" BECAUSE IT DID HAPPEN!!!! Completely disgusted with this dealership..

Product or Service Mentioned: 2014 Kia Motors Forte Car.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Camelback Kia commits FRAUD, DECEIT,LIES, and SHADY PRACTICES!!! Lengthy but worth consumers time as well as investigators, news stations and everyone else. PLEASE BEWARE!

Not resolved
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Single mother to not one, but 4 girls. We recently began an very unwanted adventure that we were not prepared for and now we would seem to be in a bind.

My adventure begins on September 21, 2014 when I got up and decided to take a trip to the Peoria Tent Event at the Peoria Complex around 12:30pm. I had spoke the night before to a car salesman named Kelly with Peoria Ford and scheduled to meet with him on the 21st around noon. Kelly stated "If you take a test drive you will receive a $25 visa gift card." With that in mind I figured if I didn’t buy a vehicle at least I’d walk away with the gift card. However, upon arrival to the tent event on the 21st of September an Car Sales Man named "Tom Berra" swooped right in and snatched me up in a heart beat (once realizing I was a single white female with an infant and 4 year old daughter) even when I mentioned I was suppose to meet up with Kelly from Peoria Ford.

Now I did not realize what I was getting myself into and Tom Berra showed me vehicle after vehicle by driving them up to me and my infant to view as we sat under an outside awning to keep cool and out of the sun. (My 4 year old at this point was jumping in a bounce castle very close by) I liked a van, but when I told him I was looking for payments no more then $100 he said they couldn't do that. At the end of it all I said I'd do a max of $150 a month for a used vehicle because I needed something more reliable then my Lincoln Town Car 98 that had all most 200,000 miles. He continued asking about the car and I explained the AC went out last year and there is also no heater. Also told him about many repairs that were needed on the vehicle that I couldn't afford any time soon, so I was looking for a vehicle that would meet what we could afford and be better suited for my family of girls (at this point I mentioned my other 2 were at dads) in the reliability department. He used this information to fish for other information and then proceeded to make promises and say well you owe it to your children and infant to have AC.

He began consistently pushing and pushing a 2007 Kia Sportage on me stating that he could not let me and my girls drive away in such heat and possibly break down or even over heat from no AC. He stated that this would be temporary and that once the dealership attained a trade in vehicle that would be of the same value and cost the same payments ("namely a van for the space") that the dealership would trade me out of the Sportage and into the new vehicle that would meet my needs for passengers (also stating that at that point I would owe nothing else to the Sportage or its loan). "I do have a paper that states just what I said that they would trade me out of the Sportage and into a van of the same value and payments." After all this he took my daughters and I into the tent offering us food and drinks as he prepared paper work. He came back with papers for the Sportage and broke down the payments which seemed reasonable, however still above what I was wanting. I asked for the price to lower but he wouldn’t budge much. I basically got the payments down to $148 which was decent enough and the car would cost me a total of $9,900.

Until I completed paper work with an financing agent that worked for Camelback kia. My payments went up to $198 a month because I wanted to purchase a 2 year warranty plan. I’m thinking too my self ok I believe we can swing this, we really need a back up if anything breaks down. I only recently found out the warranty really didn’t cover much and was the bronze package. I was also told I’d be paying these payments for 60 months, but recent investigation of my contract has lead me to the fact that I will be paying for 75 months. I used my 1998 Lincoln Town Car as a trade in for the Sportage which they used as a $1,500 down payment . However, looking at the contract there is a great discrepancy within, it looks like they may have added the $1,500 to the car loan instead of deducting it from the Sportage loan. Upon further review of this paper work I’m finding that my income has been changed to $2,000 a month when I clearly stated I only make $1,750 a month. Break down of my income is $1,050 from my Home daycare I currently run and $700 is from my Child Support for my 2 older daughters. Upon further investigation into this contract I signed for the Kia Sportage the total cost of the Sportage will end up being $16,362.75 which is well above the Kelly Blue Book Value for a used Kia Sportage that has over 100,000 miles on it.

Upon viewing these discrepancies a friend of mine helped me to review the paper work in closer detail.What we found is that Camelback Kia is selling the Zak Tec Paint Protection Warranty Program (without notifying consumers they do not have to purchase this) to customers who are buying used vehicles that do not qualify for this program. On the back of this plan it states and I quote "Vehicle models with more than 5 model years or 50,000 miles at time of sale are not eligible for warranty coverage but are eligible for complimentary ZAKTEK Premium Protection Coating re-applications" as stated on their webpage I have this contract for review stating that I was charged $399 for this warranty even though my vehicle was a 2007 Kia Sportage. Therefore this Sportage is 7 years of age as of the purchase date and does not qualify for the program.

On October 15th, 2014 a Dodge Durango 2006 with 86,585 miles (7 passenger vehicle) was available and I was told I could come down and view it on the 16th. I went to Camelback Kia, viewed it, test drove it but was only allowed to drive it around the block and saw a dent in the side door of the drivers side and scrape of paint missing was told by Steve (who is "Supposedly" working under Tom Berra now due to "TOM" mysteriously being promoted to MANAGER) that it was from a very minor accident . So now Tom is not really trying to deal with me much and passing me on to Steve. I did not receive any information about the vehicle other than it was in a slight accident, but no real damage and from what I had viewed on their web page was being sold for $10,000. Also the sticker that is suppose to be posted on the front of the windshield stating if there are any warrantys and other information on the vehicle were not posted. Thinking the Durango must meet the criteria for the trade in "TOM Berra" employee of Camelback Kia and his General Manager Andre stated in writing they would trade me into when they had a van that would be of same value and payments.

When I was taken back to the Finance office they had me sign all the same paper work I did with the Sportage even though I had thought we were just doing a trade out for vehicles. All of a sudden my payments with the service warranty are at $298.93 a month and between dealing with all my kids and my daycare children I am roped into another sales contract. As soon as my children including daycare children get in the 2006 Durango around all most 9pm at night I start to not feel too well. I drive home and the ABS light clicks on and continues to blink, then when I show up to my daycare parents place to drop her kids off the front passenger door won’t unlock from the key or the door locks. I call Tom Berras cell number and he doesn’t answer but when I call again from a blocked number he answers. I tell him I just got home and what was going on during the drive and when we tried to unlock the door he stated "bring it in tomorrow" (days after I drove off the lot) and the service department would take care of it. The next morning around 9:00am I drive over to Camelback Kia and "MYSTERIOUSLY" Tom is off work for the day. "STEVE" tries to handle the situation at hand and get the Durango serviced, but after an hour of waiting "Steve" returns stating that the vehicle has yet to be financed and that I would have to wait 2 to 2 and a half weeks for financing to go through in order for me to make an appointment with service department to get this all fixed.

I drive back home at this point with everyone in tow and after my friend gets off work we start to look over the contract for the 2006 Durango. I got charged money for the Sportage that I had because I was upside down in the value of it when I traded into the Durango. I also got charged an different TAX amount then I did with the 2007 Sportage. ($300.58 to be exact in taxes for the Durango and $699.51 for the Sportage) Plus just like the Sportage after all the finance payments are paid I will have paid $21,744.75 which is well above the Kelly Blue Book Value of the 2006 Durango especially since it has been in an minor accident to which has yet to be identified. It also states in the Durangos contract there was no down payment and that the dealership paid $2,724.00 to Vantage West which apparently is the lien holders who financed the Sportage (but where is the rest of the money Vantage West loaned out for the Sportage?) Also Government taxes that were paid out on the Durango were $100, but for the Sportage they were $125. Now these are just discrepancies that were found between 2 contracts that are less than a month apart. Is it even legal to trade one car out for another when not even one payment has been made on the first vehicle?

Oh and again back to the Zak Tek Paint Protection Warranty Program I was charged $399 again for this program and the current vehicle is a 2006 Durango so it most definitely does not qualify for the warranty either. So why was I charged? And how many other customers do they sale this program to that "DO NOT QUALIFY" at time of sale. There are a lot of shady things going down at Camel Back Kia and I would never recommend them to any body. A friend of mine had called on my behalf to ask about the Durango seeing that it was on their web site (had the correct capacity for passengers that I needed) and was told it was going to a tent sale the following morning, but the sales rep would keep the keys so it would not get transferred over there in the morning so she and I could go see it. Through an phone call I had with Tom Berra the night before I went to view the Durango he stated that he did not know if the Durango was there or not. I explained to him a friend of mine called and was told it was there… "TOM" inadvertently admitted that the employees at Camelback Kia are trained to tell anyone and everyone that what ever vehicle they see on line and call about is there on the car lot even if it is not there as a ploy to draw the customers in and then they try to sell the customers another vehicle as they are there on the car lot. I was also told by an Ex Car sales man I recently met named Randy that camelback kia and the car lots will disconnect the battery or clear the system if there are issues with the vehicle so they may sale it as if there are no problems with it at time of sale.

All of this got me to thinking more about this dealership and about what else they are committing fraud with. I write this in hopes that people will investigate this company and possibly be able to help me out of this mess or at least be able to help me get this vehicle financed in an appropriate way or into something else, because now I am finding out just from driving this 2006 Durango the last 7 days it is a gas guzzler and going to cost me an fortune that I do not have at my disposal. I feel like I was taken advantage of greatly and I have a bad feeling that we will lose our vehicle and have to figure out other means of transportation. I plead for the help of everyone who is out there including the Television stations (3 on your side, channel 12 investigates, channel 5 and 15, and even the BBB) that investigate things like this. Please help my children and I to get into an affordable loan and out of this mess. We were taken advantage of and I am doing what ever is necessary to fight all of this. At this rate I could be paying for an BRAND NEW VEHICLE that would have very few issues for a long time. Thank You for your time and patience. I hope to hear from you all soon.

Greatly Appreciative,

Single mother to 4

P.S. My Credit Score is 690 and I’m being told by everyone I know including an ex car dealer that I was taken advantage of because I have a real good score that could of gotten me a lot lower APR. Currently my percentage rate for the 2006 Durango is 7.75% and for the 2007 Sportage it was 8.25%. My credit has all been ran so many times for and due to this dealership that I no longer know if my score is still in decent standings or not.

P.P.S I have recordings of conversations I've been having with the dealership in the last few weeks where the supposed GM Andre states that I can not use my warranty for 30 days after purchase of vehicle, also service department states that after 2nd attempt of fixing my Durango they tried to switch a new sensor from right side to left to see if that fixes the [problem of ABS light, then they look at wiring and still say its not fixed now I'm suppose to come back again to get a new module but the left sensor is all rusted out as stated by a mechanic who works at Camelback Kia. It's also proved on recording in conversation I've had with employees at the dealership that they knew about the ABS light and just decided to sell it with out notifying me the buyer. Also the deal the dealership gave me was to get me into a vehicle of same value and payments as Sportage I had, but this did not happen because now I'm in a vehicle a year older then the Sportage and it's had a n accident prior to sale and their holding me to pay $289 a month instead of $198 a month. Also Andre the supposed GM is not the GM I found out and have on tape by a shuttle driver as well as Susan Srebernak states that Neil Underwood is the GM/owner as well. Also I asked for a rental or loaner vehicle but again received no assistance was told I'd have to pay for one and that the dealership had none to offer me where they also state my vehicle is fine to drive, but only as long as I don't drive on muddy ground or ice.I will listen to the recordings further and write down the discrepancies and send to you as soon as I can. But this will give you all everywhere (consumers,investigators,news stations) an idea what I've been dealing with and the fraud that lies there in. Something’s just do not seem right.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: No recommendation, Not positive, Dishonorable.

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Unsure as to who posted but I am fighting can too...the news stations are on consumers sides...u just have to fight

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Get a hold of the investigatorjohnmattas

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Who is that? and How?

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